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100 Most useful GCC TBC Typing Exam Theory Questions and Answers

GCC TBC Typing: इस आर्टिकल मे हम आज आपको GCC TBC TYPING EXAM मे पूछे जाने वाले सामान्य कंप्युटर सवालों को लाए है जिसकी मदत से आप GCC TBC TYPING EXAM की तैयारी कर सकते है।

इसके अलावा आप इसी तरह अलग से किसी भ कंप्युटर के इग्ज़ैम के हमारे Computer Online Test केटेगरी को चेक कर सकते है। जहां आपको ढेर सारे कंप्युटर से पूछे जाने वाले सवाल और उनके जवाब पता कर सकते है।

नीचे आपको 100 ऐसे सवाल के बारे मे बताया गया है जो अक्सर GCC TBC Typing Exam मे पूछे जाते है।

इन सवालों के जवाब आपको आर्टिकल आखिरी मे मिलेंगे।

GCC TBC Typing Exam Theory Questions

Question 1: Shortcut key for Copy is ______________.

Option A: Ctrl + C
Option B: Ctrl + D
Option C: Shift + C
Option D: Alt + C 

Question 2: ________________ Comprises features of both digital and  analogue computers.

Option A: Micro Computer 
Option B: Mini Computer
Option C: Hybrid Computer
Option D: Super Computer

Question 3: Even after computer turn OFF,  the data remain as it is in _____________________

Option A: Secondary Memory
Option B: Primary  Memory
Option C: Input 
Option D: Output 

Question 4: Ram is ______ memory. 

Option A: Volatile 
Option B: Permanent
Option C: Both A And B
Option D: None Of the Above

Question 5: GIF means ———

Option A: Group Interface Format
Option B: Graphic Interface Format
Option C: Graphic Interface File
Option D: Graphic Interchange File

Question 6: Use Ctrl + Z key combination to select the whole document.

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 7: Word is ………    type software

Option A: End user
Option B: Antivirus
Option C: Application Software
Option D: none of these

Question 8: Which operation you will perform if you need to move a block of text?

Option A: Copy and Paste
Option B: Cut and Paste
Option C: Paste and Delete
Option D: Paste and Cut

Question 9: Undo action can be done by using ………. Toolbar

Option A: Quick Access Toolbar
Option B: Status bar
Option C: Title Bar
Option D: Menu Bar

Question 10: you can rotate text by text ………….

Option A: orientation
Option B: scale
Option C: size in
Option D: width

Question 11: In a Worksheet, Actual Data is entered in ………………

Option A: Column
Option B: Row
Option C: Line
Option D: Cell

Question 12: The height of row is measured using which unit?

Option A: Point
Option B: cm
Option C: mm
Option D: Inch

Question 13: Which is not a correct method to select all cell of spreadsheet?

Option A: Press F2 key
Option B: click on formula bar
Option C: Press alt key
Option D: double click the cell

Question 14: What is the symbol of AutoSum in MS Excel?

Option A: *
Option B: Greater than sign
Option C: plus, sign
Option D: ∑

Question 15: In Worksheet each cell has assigned by one address.

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 16: To begin slide show from beginning ________ Command is used in the slide show tab.

Option A: From Beginning
Option B: From this slide
Option C: From Current Slide
Option D: Start Slide Show

Question 17: The presentation page created for displaying on the screen is known as ………………

Option A: Worksheet
Option B: Document
Option C: Slide
Option D: Database sheet

Question 18: In ………………….. view you can rearrange the slides.

Option A: Slide Sorter View
Option B: Slide Master
Option C: Outline View
Option D: None of Above

Question 19: We can insert our recorded voice in Slide Presentation.

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 20: The basic element on which object, Text box, Picture can be inserted in PowerPoint is called ……………….

Option A: Master Option
B: Sheet Option
C: Slide Option
D: Pages

Question 21: in Windows 7, —————–is general keyboard shortcut combination to select a block of text.

Option A: Ctrl + Shift with an arrow key
Option B: Ctrl + S
Option C: Ctrl + Shift
Option D: Ctrl + Shift + Alt

Question 22: The ________________ in network is called as Server.

Option A: Client
Option B: PC
Option C: Leader
Option D: Main Computer

Question 23: Packets Transfer Information in small pieces in Internet

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 24 A search tool is a program that finds websites, web pages, and internet files that match keywords that you enter.

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 25: Web browser is a program used to organize files and folders on your computers

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 26: Speaker is __________ Device.

Option A: Input
Option B: Output
Option C: Scanning Device
Option D: Speaker Device

Question 27: GUI stand for __________________

Option A: Graphical User Interface
Option B: Graph User Information
Option C: Grey user Interface
Option D: None of above

Question 28: For specific work __________ software is used in computer

Option A: Xerox
Option B: Application
Option C: System
Option D: Special

Question 29: First generation of computer consist of ______________

Option A: Vaccum Tube
Option B: Transistors
Option C: Integrated Circuits
Option D: Microprocessors

Question 30: CRT stand for ………….

Option A: Camera Ray Tube
Option B: Cathode Ray Tube
Option C: Cathode Ram Tube
Option D: Camera Ram Tube

Question 31: We can draw table in MS-Word using ____ tab.

Option A: Insert
Option B: Drawing
Option C: Painting
Option D: None of these

Question 32 In Word document, to get the document file link through text separately, use …………….  Option.

Option A: Embed
Option B: Copy
Option C: Paste
Option D: Hyperlinks

Question 33: The process of removing unwanted parts of an image is called ……………

Option A: Hiding
Option B: Bordering
Option C: Cropping
Option D: Cutting

Question 34: ………are the filter option

Option A: AutoFilter Customer
Option B: Filter
Option C: Advance Filter
Option D: All the above

Question 35: To move cell pointer one cell forward, backward, up and down, Navigation Keys are used on the keyboard.

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 36: What does Ctrl + = key effect?

Option A: Superscript
Option B: Subscript
Option C: All Caps
Option D: Shadow

Question 37: Worksheet can be added in word document using —-

Option A: Copy and Paste
Option B: Linking
Option C: Insert
Option D: All of these

Question 38: Which is called to square formed by the intersection of rows and columns in MS Excel?

Option A: cell
Option B: column
Option C: borders
Option D: rows

Question 39: Which function in MS Excel will give the minimum value from the number in given cells?

Option A: minimum()
Option B: smaller()
Option C: lesser()
Option D: min()

Question 40: To count only the Numeric Values Cells from the Selected Cell Range…………. The function is used.

Option A:   =Countno()
Option B: =Counta()
Option C: =Countblank()
Option D:  =Count()

Question 41: Ctrl+D is a shortcut key of _________

Option A: Creating a duplicate object
Option B: Changing the layout of the active
Option C: Deleting a slide from the  Presentation
Option D: Inserting a new Slide

Question 42: To type matter in slides, to modify matter for slide show, PowerPoint has provided different ______.

Option A: Views
Option B: Slide show
Option C: Both A & B
Option D: None of these

Question 43: With the help of ________ option color of a pen can be set.

Option A: Pointer
Option B: Arrow
Option C: Animation
Option D: Pen color

Question 44: In PowerPoint, we can apply your own background styles using —

Option A: Insert – Background – Background styles
Option B: Design – Background – Background Styles
Option C: Insert – Background
Option D: None of these

Question 45: While running the slide show if we want to hide the mouse pointer permanently then click on the _______ command.

Option A: hide now
Option B: hide always
Option C: next
Option D: previous

Question 46: Which one of the following is a search engine?

Option A: Google
Option B: JAVA
Option C: Oracle
Option D: C++

Question 47: Buying and selling on the internet are known as ……………………

Option A: E-business
Option B: E-commerce
Option C: E-buzz
Option D: E-learning

Question 48: Which one of the following is not a search engine.

Option A: Bing
Option B: Google
Option C: Yahoo
Option D: Window

Question 49: __________ Means sending received E-Mail to some other mail id.

Option A: Compose
Option B: Forward
Option C: Reply
Option D: Delete

Question 50: __________________ is the protocol, to transfer the data in the form of text

Option A: SMTP
Option B: HTTP
Option C: FTP
Option D: PPPT

Question 51: You can protect your computer against virus attacks using _____________ programs.

Option A: Malware
Option B: Antivirus
Option C: Application
Option D: None Of Above

Question 52: MS-office is example of ______________ software.

Option A: System
Option B: Application
Option C: Program
Option D: None Of the Above

Question 53: Shift, ctrl, alt keys are called

Option A: Formula Keys
Option B: Combination Keys
Option C: Function Keys
Option D: None Of the Above

Question 54: ________ Is not input devices.

Option A: Keyboard
Option B: Mouse
Option C: Printer
Option D: Microphone

Question 55: By clicking _______ button from paragraph group border can be set in MS Word.

Option A: plotting
Option B: coloring
Option C: borders and shading
Option D: None of these

Question 56: Microsoft Word Templates file has……. extension

Option A : dotx
Option B : txt
Option C : docs
Option D : none of these

Question 57: The ……. option will decide the color of the border

Option A: font style
Option B: font
Option C: size
Option D: color

Question 58: In a table, user can select……

Option A: multiple rows
Option B: multiple columns
Option C: All the above
Option D: one cell

Question 59: …. Dialog box is displayed after clicking on save command in File menu when we try to save document first time

Option A: Print
Option B: Open
Option C: Save as
Option D: Font

Question 60:  =Lower() Function use to  convert text in to ……………  case.

Option A: Capital
Option B: Small
Option C: Lower
Option D: Upper

Question 61: We adjust the column width for that ………… is used to show the full content (text/number) in any column.

Option A: Column Width
Option B: Row Height
Option C: Autofit Row
Option D: Autofit Column

Question 62: What is the minimum possible zoom % in MS Excel?

Option A: 10
Option B: 20
Option C: 400
Option D: 500

Question 63: Which function in MS Excel converts the first letter of each word in capital and other to the small case from the given text?

Option A:  =upper()
Option B:  = proper()
Option C:  =caps()
Option D:  = lower()

Question 64: In MS-Excel ………………… the type of File can be created.

Option A: Workbook
Option B: Document
Option C: Presentation
Option D: Project

Question 65: Special effects are given to current slide to appear during slide show, that special effects are called as…….

Option A: Transition
Option B: Animation
Option C: Slide Show
Option D: Presentation

Question 66: We can see all our slides in Thumbnail shape and we can change the sequence of that slides in ————- view.

Option A: Slide
Option B: Slide Sorter
Option C: Normal Notes 
Option D: Pages

Question 67: In which view you can see notes regarding to slide?

Option A: Note
Option B: Page Slide
Option C: View
Option D: Slide sorter

Question 68: To create a new presentation, we use shortcut key —————

Option A: Ctrl + O
Option B: Ctrl + M
Option C: Ctrl + P
Option D: Ctrl + N

Question 69: If you ____ a slide it will not be shown in the full screen slide show.

Option A: show
Option B: close
Option C: hide
Option D: exit

Question 70: F5 Shortcut key is used to _________ Webpage.

Option A: Stop loading
Option B: Change
Option C: Stop Refresh
Option D: Refresh

Question 71: We can use __________ to open the webpage we have previously visited.

Option A: Forward Arrow
Option B: Backward Arrow
Option C: Down Arrow
Option D: Up Arrow

Question 72: To use Internet on computer we need ____

Option A: Pen Drive Telephone 
Option B: instrument
Option C: Modem
Option D: CD Drive C

Question 73: In Internet Explorer Ctrl+F  shortcut is used to get  __________ Option

Option A: Favorites
Option B: Find
Option C: History
Option D: Downloads

Question 74: Delete key used to delete selected Items (file, folders, etc.)

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 75: Full Form of ISP is Internet Signal

Option A: TRUE
Option B: FALSE

Question 76: Computer Memory is calculated  in ———–

Option A: Bits
Option B: Byte
Option C: File
Option D: Data

Question 77: Flash drive has _______ port.

Option A: Ps/2
Option B: Lan
Option C: Usb
Option D: None Of  Above

Question 78: _________ is extension of  Notepad file.

Option A: .docx
Option B: .xlsx
Option C: .pptx
Option D: .txt

Question 79:Tablet is ____________ type of  PC.

Option A: Super Computer
Option B: Micro Computer
Option C: Mainframe Computer
Option D: Mini Computer

Question 80:_________ types of Hard Disk  are easy to carry while travelling

Option A: Internal
Option B: External
Option C: SSD
Option D: All of above

Question 81:You can detect spelling and grammar errors by ……………………..

Option A: Press Shift + F7
Option B: Press Ctrl + F7
Option C: Press Alt+ F7
Option D: Press F7

Question 82: Drop Caps are used in document for ………

Option A: To Drop all Capital letter
Option B: To Drop all paragraph
Option C: to make first initial letter large
Option D: None of these

Question 83: F2 key is used to ……. the selected item

Option A: rename
Option B: delete
Option C: update
Option D: none of these

Question 84: Open, Save, Save As, Print etc. standard commands available in ………. Menu.

Option A: View
Option B: Insert
Option C: Home
Option D: File

Question 85: In MS Word, a Word underlined with a wave red line indicates:

Option A: Grammatical mistake.
Option B: A highlighte d Word.
Option C: Spelling mistake.
Option D: An underlined Word.

Question 86: We cannot use …………… in  Formula while typing formula in  Cell.

Option A: Numbers
Option B: Spaces
Option C: Characters
Option D: Special Characters

Question 87: Which Excel function tells how  many numeric entries are  there?

Option A: Count()
Option B: Countnum ()
Option C: Countnumbers()
Option D: chknum()

Question 88: The Zoom slider strip can be  viewed at the right hand side of  ____ bar

Option A: Scroll bar
Option B: Title Bar
Option C: Status Bar
Option D: None of Above

Question 89: ____________ can be used to different mathematical calculations in Excel.

Option A: Autofill
Option B: Text
Option C: Filter
Option D: Formula

Question 90: __ Option is available only in MS_EXCEL Window.

Option A: Status Bar
Option B: Formula Bar
Option C: Menu bar
Option D: Title Bar

Question 90: Slide Transition option is in  ………………….._ Tab.

Option A: Transitions
Option B: Edit
Option C: Slide Show
Option D: Tools

Question 91: Design / Transitions / Animations / Slide show tabs are available in ———————

Option A: MS Word
Option B: MS Excel
Option C: MS Powerpoint
Option D: MS Access

Question 92: Selected text can be colored with ————– command in Font Group of Home Tab.

Option A: Font
Option B: Paragraph Text
Option C: color
Option D: Drawing

Question 93: To add mathematical equation use —————- command in Insert Tab – Text Group. Text

Option A: Page Numbers
Option B: Date & Time
Option C: Equation
Option D: Slide Numbers

Question 94: There is no difference between  transition effect and animation  effect in PowerPoint

Option A: TRUE
Option B: False

Question 95: It is a possible to send as well  as received attachments by  mail.

Option A: True
Option B: False

Question 96: Internet explorer is developed by ______

Option A: Microsoft
Option B: Mozilla
Option C: Google
Option D: Apple

Question 97: Internet shows large amount of  information, which is in the form  of _________

Option A: Search engine
Option B: Google
Option C: Web Site
Option D: Yahoo

Question 98: _________Shortcut key is used to stop loading of webpage in Internet Explorer

Option A: Tab
Option B: Esc
Option C: Ctrl
Option D: Shift

Question 99: TIFF stands for…………………..

Option A: Tag Image File Format
Option B: Text and Image File Format
Option C: Tool and Image File Format
Option D: Text Interchan ge File Format

Question 100: Internet explorer is developed by ______

Option A: Microsoft
Option B: Mozilla
Option C: Google
Option D: Apple

GCC TBC Typing Exam Theory Answer

ऊपर हमने आपको GCC TBC Typing के 100 कंप्युटर के सवाल बताए उन GCC TBC Typing सवालों के जवाब को जानने के लिए नीचे दिए download बटन से आप GCC TBC Typing PDF eBook डाउनलोड कर सकते है। जिसमे आपको इस सभी GCC TBC Typing Exam सवालों के जवाब मिल जाएंगे।

Download GCC TBC Typing PDF eBook

Conclusion: आपने क्या सीखा?

इस आर्टिकल मे आप सरकारी परीक्षा GCC TBC Typing और इसके किसी भी कंप्युटर से संबधित इग्ज़ैम मे पूछे जानेवाले कंप्युटर के सवालों से अपनी GCC TBC Typing Exam की प्रैक्टिस कर सकते है। साथ आपको GCC TBC Typing PDF eBook भी डाउनलोड के मिलेगी जिसमे आपको सवालों के साथ उनके जवाब भी दिए गए है।

और मैं बताऊ आप भी यफई कंप्युटर को शुरू से सीखना चाहते है तो आपको Computer Fundametal का कोर्स करना चाहिए जो आपको Learn More Pro पे काफी सस्ते मे और 50% Discount के साथ मिल सकते है।

इसके अलावा यदि आपको कंप्युटर का नालिज है आऊर कंप्युटर मे एक्सपर्ट बनाना चाहते है तो आपको DCM का कोर्स जरूर करना चाहिए जिसमे आप MS Office, Tally Prime , Photoshop, CorelDRAW जैसे ढेर सारे कोर्स मिलते है।

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